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Welcome to Healthy Bone & Joint Center

Healthy Bone & Joint Center is Ridgecrest's very own in-town orthopedic
practice. Dr. Healthy Desai has joined the community of Ridgecrest with the purpose
of providing excellent orthopedic care and commitment to the community and its people.
At Healthy Bone & Joint Center, orthopedic care is provided by the surgeon and staff who reside in Ridgecrest, making it more accessible and convenient for residents of Ridgecrest and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

The mission of Healthy Bone & Joint Center is to provide easily accessible and highest quality orthopedic care to the residents of Ridgecrest and surrounding areas.  We aim to set a new standard for "quality care" by providing technologically advanced clinical care with
commitment, integrity and respect.  We will not only be held accountable to our patients,
but also to our referring physicians, and the community of Ridgecrest.


Our vision is to become a regional leader and a trusted partner in orthopedic care.
Our goal is to become the preferred provider of orthopedic care in the community by:

  • Providing excellent clinical care in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions
  • Providing easily accessible care with commitment, integrity and respect
  • Continuously reviewing and improving our practices to put our patients first
  • Establishing and meeting service guarantees resulting in quality care and patient loyalty
  • Fostering an environment that will attract and grow the number of
    talented orthopedic staff